About me

My name is natalie, im a 22 year old student currently studying a masters of health information management and a bachelor of health sciences. Im in my 3rd year of studies and i have 2 more to go. I created this blog to detail my journey to finding balance within my life and maintain an active lifestyle which i love.
So here is alittle more about me..
  • My new love in my life is bikram yoga, if i had the means to practice it everyday i would.
  • I love my uni, not necessarily the study nor the assignment but i love my friends and the social aspect about it.
  • I am a gym junkie; all is usally right in the world after  have a good gym session.
  • I have the best friends in the world... most girls would probably proclaim this but really think i do, we go on crazy adventures and always have so much fun which i plan to share in this blog.
  • I love the snow, i hate the cold (odd combination i know)
  • I am a LUSTie and im damm proud of it! Ok before you start making assumptions here LUST: Latrobe University Snowsports Team. The most fun group of people ever.
  • Im passionate about healthy living but believe balance is a must and a few glasses of wine is my religion :)
  • I am a busy bee.. as most students are, i have 2 jobs one as a checkout chick and another as a retail store person.
  • i am obsessed with op shopping
  • I like to set goals, many which i will outline in my blog, the current work in process is to run a marathon.. the catch here is untill recently i didnt even like running.. but i will do it!
thanks for reading :)


  1. Oh Nat I'm so proud of you! A blog AND taking care of yourself. You inspire me. :)
    Love you bestie.
    N. xx

  2. Quick question


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    Here’s to a happy and healthy spring!


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