Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its all about the savana really..

hello! what a beautiful day hope ur all well..
i literally feel like im glowing a good way of corse! just reterned home from a bikram session. this was the most amazing one i have ever had.. think they get better as you go on, i have mastered the breathing and now my savana (corpse pose) is amazingly restful and refective.. you get me?
anyways eating  before bikram is a no no..but no one knows my body better than me right? i need fuel first thing in the morn so  ditched the oats and went with a smoothie..not just any smoothie but a SUPER FOOD SMOOTHIE (that is what i have named it) :p

1cup of baby spinach
1/2 cup of blueberries
one orange
and some water and here you go..
After yoga i am always hungry so i drank 2litres of water  and tucked into this..
poached egg with cheese and grain bread.. (important to get that protien in)

healthified greek salad, tomato, baby spinach and some feta with balsamic
finished that all off with an apple and pot of green tea.. yoga is hungry work i tell you :)
have a lovely day..enjoy the sunshine..i know i will be
stay tuned for my next post on low calorie protien
namaste :)

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