Sunday, October 31, 2010

jam backed day...and the jitters

Today I woke up knowing that a long run was overdue. I had work from 11-3 today and Sundays are bikram yoga days…I havnt been in a whole week because ive been crazy busy/stressed …there was no way I missing bikram! Because I was working over lunch time I make sure I fuelled up well

1cup of blueberries
1/2 oats
tsp of chai seeds
afterwork i  i was starving as predicted so i munched on an egg with ham and cheese and an apple, becuase i needed the fuel to get me through a hard run and bikram.
and a not usally into drinking my calories but lately have been investigating the effects of sports drinks, also becuase they are only $1 at coles this week. ill do a post on sports drinks when i have alittle more info to tell ya :) 
run was ok... yeh just ok 5.5km.. over half of 10km but not by much. my ankle as sore my knees hurt and the late night work out and weights session last night seemed like a stupid idea because i was sore today. Im supposed to be running 10k next week but im not sure if im up to it, i know ive done it before but im unsure now, maybe i fluked it, the terrian was different..there are so many umss and arrrss
im putting them down to pre-race jitters, bikram was lovely and now im super tired so im gonna cut this short night..

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