Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Alive!

hi all hope you are all faboulously well...
After my busy busy week i thought id let you know what ive been up to, the usally study, work and oaks day
Yep down here the spring racing carnival is in full swing and my exam timetable allowed me this year to actually go so i  got some girlfriends together packed a picnic, gathered my betting pennies and oh how could i forget spend hours and hours of waxing washing cutting dying plucking painting exfoliatng mositerising and tanning and this is what you get :)

the last pic we got taken by the lovely ladies at yellowglen..we certainly sipped on alot of that all day.
It was nice to finally to something other than workout, work and study..
I even got met some people that told me they read  my blog too...its nice to know someone is reading :)
I;ll be seeing your pretty faces real soon with some healthy posts and more of the same

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