Wednesday, November 17, 2010

running woes

Today i ran, i havnt made time for this since over a week ago after the incident where a bug flew into my eye (ouch) but really thats no excuse i just havnt made time. I managed to make time for bikram, cardio and strength and it is only wednesday and i usally wouldnt be so hard on myself if i didnt have a race next week. Im doing the movember 10k at albert park, my theird race and i was aiming for under an hour but i havnt really put the work in so i dont know..

The last 3 runs i have been on i didnt do that well i stopped, lacked motivation and battled my inner voices bagging me the entire way! Also with the change of weather i have to adjust the times i run. I ran in the evening last wednesday and i dont know whats going on around here but there are moths everywhere (and bugs too) they got in my mouth and up my nose it was feral, i finally cracked it when a big one got me in the eye..argh!!! (even found some in my bra wft?!). so evening runs are off untill the bugs go away!
I ran today at 11 and its just getting too warm..
Today considering i havnt done a good run in almost 2 weeks i did ok i managed 4.5 kms, i have a big run (aiming for 7-8km on saturday).
I also have alot on my mind lately so i really should cut myself some slack, im coping with exam stress particularly badly this year just because my subjects are getting really hard, work stress, just trying to put my head down and ignore the negative eneergy i get thrown at me. School will finish on monday so that will cut one thing out, then the others will be more manageable right?  YES ! (fingers crossed)

The breakfast was the same as always
oats and blueberries.. when your onto a good thing stick to it right?! :)

post run lunch looked like this :

one egg with one egg white and cheeese, home grown spinach a tomato, some red pepper and advocado

stewed apple, museli, naturalfat free yogurt and chia seeds...afternoon snack bofore work..

at work after 3 hrs im hungry again so i quickly downed one of these
so yumm, low cal and high in protien to keep me full and a happy check out girl
dinner was just some quick vege pasta..
thats all thats you all :)

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