Thursday, February 10, 2011

127 hours times a bizzilion

hi everyone..hope your day was sucessful, glad you enjoyed the morning post.
 Today was a blur of being busy...but im not complaining it was nice to be out and about! I was a very good girl at the dentist today and i dont have to have any fillings :) healthy eating and cutting down on soft drinks must actually work... who would have thought?! :) I do however have to get my wisdom teeth out asap.. and i thought they were just making me more wise...aparently they are pushing my other teeth in odd directions, so they have to go..

i also had a rather fustrating interesting experiance at a certain phone company today..anyway i eventually got them to give me a replacement phone for the time being untill my iphone is fixed. thank goodness, mind you im still down my garmin/ipod/camera and my iphone also tripled as...but hey i didnt want to push my luck!

Those reverse crunches from tuesdays x-trainer class were still making my abs ache today..needless to say it was an amazing class and had a very good teacher. Today i went to a body scupt class which is basically a class with a barbell and a step...yep and its really hard fun repeat weight lifting which hurt tickle like crazy! Wonderful class. I have decided that when i can i will take classes as much as possible, becuase in a class the instructor pushes you that extra little bit, they make you do exercises you dont usally i have decided so shake things up, push myself further and take these classes. As many of you know i am a creature of habbit and dont mind it one little bit! The same goes for me at the gym, so classes are guarenteed to kick my butt and wake my muscles up!

the rather late post tonight it due to the fact that i had a movie date with catherine..
                                                   (catherine and i at laneway festival 2010)
we saw 127hrs..that film where that guy cuts off his arm becuase he is trapped by a rock ..sorry for my great movie description. It was a good movie but a little too groosome for me... i mean cutting arms off?! im more of a girly movie sorta gal but i can appricate a good movie, so ill give it that :)
speaking of 127hours it feels like a bizzzilion times that untill tomz when lulu is supposed to call meand tell me whether or not i get the job,...oh dear i am that dam nervous..ah what will be will be..
anyway its quite late so i'll be off... see you all tomz hopefully with good news..

readers question:
What fitness classes do you love?
Have you seen 127hrs? what do you think?


  1. i would LOVE to take yoga classes, but unfortunately the budget won't allow for it. you're right though, it's totally motivational to have an instructor.

    127 hours....i want to see it but i wonder how my stomach would feel. the last one i saw was The King's Speech. that one was really good!

  2. they are so expensive! im lucky that my gym at uni is quite cheap for students and offers exercise classes, i do however pay for bikram yoga..but now im not working it is a luxury i cant afford. i will have to check out the kings speach...yeh i did close my eyes for a little bit in 127hrs

  3. I love hot yoga, it always makes me feel better! I haven't seen that movie yet, but I would like too :)