Sunday, February 13, 2011

parties and festivals back! sorry for missing all of your pretty faces yesterday, i had a jam packed day. I worked at the shop for the first time this year in the morning and it felt so wonderful to be back at work (even if it is just 4 hrs every sat morning ..which does not pay for my yoga addiction). After work i rushed off to one of my best friends 21st celebrations.. it was such a fun night..

Today this is super short because im enjoying my unemployment freedom and going to st kilda festival with some of m mates its going to be wonderful...i will try and do pm post for you all...

Nothing the least bit healthy has occured in the last 30hours people..and i am sorry but its all about balance right? No one is perfect 100% of the time and to be honest although i do crave something green and healthy at the moment chances are its not going to happen just take this post as me being naughty real..

Readers question: Tell me what you have gotten up to this weekend? Do you struggle to maintain your healthy lifestyle on weekends like me? What are your tips for being 'good' on the weekends? id love to hear from you, leave a comment :)
ok got to run x

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