Thursday, March 10, 2011

When did Lent become a diet?!

Ive been doing the blog rounds, reading bits and pieces here and there and there is a lot of lent talking going on. People are giving up all sorts of stuff.. Gina is giving up Almond butter and Bess is giving up ceral.. kudos to these girls i think its great that people are making sacrifices for Lent..(dont get me wrong i am not singling out these lovely ladies im sure their motives are pure)

I have to wonder how many people out there actually give things up in th spirit of Lent or have another motive.
Im a catholic girl, did the catholic high school thing, all the sunday school and sacriments i understand the whole meaning of it all.
correct me if im wrong but isnt Lent about giving up something to make room in our heart and headspace for Jesus? To go without to regconise his suffering for us?!

From what i have grown to sense over the years is that Lent has become a time wheer it was almost 'trendy' to break a habbit, like give up smoking or chocolate in order to start a diet. Hence paticipating in lent for motives other than 'Lent' itself but more for selfish loosing weight, which really has nothing to do with lent only your health and waistline..

I have also fallen in this trap dont get me wrong...when i was in highschool on more than one occasion i promcliamed i was giving up carbs for lent, becuase 1; im an idiot 2; i clearly had low self esteem.... and sadly 3; i failed to grasp the concept of this sacred time.

am i giving up something for lent?! to be honest i havnt decided... there are many ways to go through this time respectfully and genuinely.

  • the message is simple i suppose:

so maybe thats how i will spend my lent, not giving up anything but spreading something that is lacking in the world..

Finally :Any and every sacrifice counts, as long has it is done with a good heart and intentions :)

readers question: do you participate in LENT? what are you doing/ giving up?

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  1. i love that you wrote this!! although i've never participated in Lent (i'm Christian, but not Catholic) i definitely believe it's not Lent if you're not doing it FOR Lent, ya know? it all comes down to motives.