Thursday, May 12, 2011

weekly catch up

hi friends!!
Gosh its been awhile hasnt it?! ive been completely out of the blog world since last weekend, my internet has been out then blogger was playing it seems that the cyber space was against me blogging!
anyway im back... and whats been going on?

Well winter has definately hit here.. it is so so so cold here not to mention wet and windy..not pleasant at all! but the best thing about winter is definately coats and boots, i love being all rugged up and this week has been the perfect oportunity to do that! Oh and what else do i love about winter!!!????
i woke up this morning to check the snow cams at our closest mountain down here to be delighted by this!! This is the first huge dump of the season and american and canadian readers may laugh at this (i know you get better snow and yes i am very jelous..but down here we make the most of what we have). This is good for may so hopefullly i find my uni and work timetable allow me to do lots of skiing this year! New readers: FYI im a snow nut and so are my friends, all the cool kids snowboard these days but i happen to think im pretty kick ass on skis...bring on a great season!
skiing is a great workout and a fun way to burn calories which you can then use in apres time!
However many injuries occur every year to people to jump on the slopes unprepared stay tuned for a workout post to prepare you for the ski season.

other news this week includes i signed my contract for lululemon and am off to do training next week! so part of a new store opening up at westfield doncaster. The store is due to open at the start of june so super exciting times ahead..the next few weeks i will be going out to yoga and fitness studios within the community and i will let you know what i discover, i cant wait to share this whole experiance with you all.
i also have to begin the process of building my lulu wardrobe...i doubt that will be hard :) and am really looking forward to the staff discount.
 I get the feeling that this is going to be such a positive community to work for, everyone is so warm and friendly.. i honestly think that is something really important for a workplace. i have worked for my fair share of companies that have not been so positive and it really effects the way the staff relate to their jobs.
i resigned my job at this clinic this week which was quite a scary upsetting thing for me to do, as my boss is quite intimidating. i find myself never wanting to let people down and inconvenience people even when it means doing whats right for me, needless to say ive lost sleep over this decision and i know when the time comes to leave the store i work at to commit to lulu i will feel the same.

other still injured and my back is not right, so running is still not on the cards. Im seeing the physio again today and hopefully he is able to work some magic, as being away from my life of exercise classes, boot camp and gym is making me sad and grumpy. Ive been trying to replace this with walking yoga, cycling and swimming however its not the same, i love yoga but the others do not appeal to me very much at all.
anyway thats all, thats it for the time being friends, i hope the blog is up and going for good now as i certainly missed you guys

readers question
love the snow? are you a skiier or a snowboarder? i respect the snowboarders but im quite content being a skiier, although its not seen as the 'cool' thing to do.
have you ever found it really hard to leave a job?
whats your fav yoga pose? mine is dancer (pictured above) it completely challenges me but when i get it, it feels amazing!

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