Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More inspired than ever!

Hi friends,
Im almost there! 32 days to go till the INBA Novice and rising star classic and im starting to see changes in my body everyday. All the hard work is slowly paying off... yes there has been a lot of hard work, Blood sweat and tears....did i mention tears?
Im a little bit tired and feeling carb depleted but otherwise im bursting out of my skin with excitement.

i had my first posing class tonight in the bikin, i have never felt that exposed before, it is the tinest thing i have ever worn. Its really pretty though and i cant wait to share pictures of it with you all once im in it on the day :) untill then its my secret to keep!

Support from others is a huge contributing factor in this journey, and i have said this before and i have to say it again i have the most amazing team behind me. My trainers Bruce and Nicole always push me beyond limits i thought i even had and have got the best out of me thats for sure. They believe in me more than i do sometimes which so flattering. I also have some beautiful friends near and far who have been following my journey on facebook and have been so supportive.

Training has stepped up a knotch now, im doing 2 cardio sessions per day 5 days a week, this equals 16 workouts a week now with my weight training, and its starting to take a toll but i am enjoying the results and i can see the light at then end of the tunnel (a huge cheat meal) so im pushing through it all. Diet wise im still having my 62grams of carbs in the morning which i love...i never thought i would get so excited over oats!! Next week is the start of the final phase where ill cycle the carb meals only having 62grams of carbs every third day, it will be challenging yes, but i thought the same for everything else i have changed, it will be hard but i have adapted so far and will continue to adapt further... why and how.?? BECUASE I WANT THIS. Simple as that. If you want to do something with your whole heart you will find a way of making it happen. Ive found a way through many obsticles the past 28 weeks to continue ( thats a story for another blog), the one thing i have found is that you must believe in yourself.

thats it for now i must go to bed, doing 3 workouts a day between work and study makes me one tired and cranky girl :s



  1. I love that quote! It is so true.. it is all about self-talk and self-belief.

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  3. This is true. Funny that I never really paid attention to my health and lifestyle before so I am really a beginner in this field. I never thought it would be this interesting! I started reading fitness blogs last december when my husband reported that I was starting to be a snorer. Took a sleep test http://bit.ly/1edl9eL and found out that I was suffering from throat airway obstruction. I got what was recommended for me and it helped, yes. But this was the eye opener for me, I do not want to suffer from apnea for the rest of my life so when 2014 came, I promised to myself that I will start my journey to a healthier me. This will be my goal. I won’t just go for a food diet, I want to try what you guys do, even if I am a beginner, my motivations are really high so I do hope that this will help me become fit for this year and the coming years!

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