Monday, October 25, 2010

Biggest mistake you'll make at the gym!

When it comes to the gym, most ladies focus mostly on the cardio machines and steer clear of the of the male dominated weights area. A good fitness regime includes balance between both strength and cardio..neglecting one of this case strength is only really doing half a workout, and achieving half the results. The main reason women claim to neglect the strength training is because they dont want to bulk up, and lets face it no one actually wants to look like a female body builder!
In reality strength training reduces body fat, increases lean muscle mass, gives you shape, increases tone and definition, provides numerous mental benefits, wards off osteoporosis, and even helps your body burn calories more efficiently.
Strength training will make you thinner becuase your muscles become more toned and increased lean muscle mass means more strength, core stability and reduced fat levels in the body.

Strength training will help you:
• Increase your strength and stability: strong muscles enhance your ability to move and lift things. Your aerobic workouts will be more effective because with extra strength you can work harder.

• Maintain and increase your bone mineral density: working your body with weights increases bone density and decreases your risk of osteoporosis. When bone is stressed appropriately through muscle movement, it gets stronger.

• Control body fat by boosting your metabolic rate: when you lose muscle, your body gradually becomes less efficient at burning calories. That's because muscle burns three times more calories than fat does. The more muscle mass your body has, the more efficiently and quickly it burns calories, even when you're at rest.

• Reduce your risk of injury: building muscle protects your joints from injury during aerobic exercise and in normal daily activities. Strength training also helps protect your lower back and keep it healthy.

• Improve your overall body image: studies suggest that women who strength train feel more self-confident and have an improved body image.


  1. gone are the days of cardio only workouts :)

  2. great post! and so true. sigh....i really need to do more strength training. running requires no motivation for me, but strength training is something i need to psych myself up for.:p