Monday, October 25, 2010

To run or not to run..that is the question

Good morning! what a beautiful day. currently im sitting on the couch digging into my yummy breakie of the so good yumyumyum
Took an amazing bikram yoga class last night...the more i go the more i love it! So anyway i woke up this morning and my legs dont want to run..but my head does (does that even make sense?!). Im finding it hard to decide whether my body is telling me that i need a rest day (havnt had one of those this week ) or i just need to be mentally tuff and get out there..because i know im gonna love myself for it later! Its important to rest but i had planned to give my legs a rest tomz and do some upper body strength training..gosh im going around in circles.
.In conclusion, i will run because i am dedicated to my goals, i respect my body and i will feel better afterwards   oh and its a beautiful day gotta make the most of this weather!
have a lovely day x

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