Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have a cry

No shame in having a cry from time to can actually benefit your health!

I had a really good cry yesterday..just an emotional time i think..with work stress, exams coming amongst other things. i found myself balling uncontrolably for a good while... until i just couldnt anymore. I was done, and i actually felt better. Strange huh? but come to think of it, it happens most times i have a cry.
Acorrding to psychologists at the university of South Florida, when you cry, your heart rate increase, as does the amount you perspire... could my good cry session have been another workout for the day?
After, when your breathing reterns to normal you are instilled with a sense of calm, the reasearch claims the longer you cry the happier you will feel. Afterwards, as long as it took for your body to retern to a normal rate of breathing again you experiance a period of deep breathing..this period has been shown to signifacntly reduce stress levels.
Most people feel better after a good cry - 20 per cent of sobs last longer than 30 minutes and eight per cent go on longer than an hour - and studies show this clears out out stress-induced minerals and hormones.
So powerful are the benefits of crying, US researchers now suggest induced weeping could be a useful therapy for some people, especially those who have difficulty expressing emotions.

Interesting huh?!
On that note it is also wonderful to smile, have a lovely day
Happy road trip pic of me and two of my fav boys.. brenton and jamie :)

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  1. Ahh, I totally went there a couple of weeks ago, for the exact same reasons. Sometimes we just need to let it out! Glad you felt a bit better - the stress will be worth it in the end!