Saturday, October 23, 2010

Running skirts...really?!

hey guys i stumbled across this one..thought id share

skirts for running?! what do we think? i mean it doesnt screem practical but they do look kinda fun and cute right? HOWEVER... if im rocking up to the starting line fun and cute is not what im gonna be going for personally....i want something that scream serious!! and i do know what im doing and no im not shit scared! (its all about faking it till you make it). I mean, what im saying is...i dont think i have confidence to pull these off, and im not that good of a runner that i feel i can be out there making this kinda statement..
these are not for everyone obvoisly, but certainly interesting and caught my eye.. who knows maybe one day :)

what do you think?? (feel free to comment).

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