Friday, October 22, 2010


hello all,
I took a boot-camp class yesterday and i have to tell you all about it because it was GREAT! I'm no stranger to boot-camp i used to be a regular before i started by pre-race prep and gave other sorts of excersie a rest. I'm lucky becuase my uni gym runs the classes and they are included to my gym membership so now i really have no excuse! Our instructor Peter is wonderful, harsh when needed but always manages to get a smile out of you while pushing you to do that last situp/squat...this is a talent really because usally im not in a great mood when im hurting! He also works at the local YMCA in Eltham and also runs sessions with the vixens netball team...this guy knows what he is doing!
Each session is different and yesterday focused on weight training and sprints.. just what i needed!
These sessions are never boring, he manages to push you to be your best you! Boot-camp is also wonderful for those of you who dont excerise reguarly, dont know where to start, in an excersie rut or simply just lookng for a Fun way to get alittle varity in you excerise regime.
STILL NOT SURE? Dont worry although you are pushed to work hard, there is no military style yelling ect. you are stronger than you think! GIVE IT A GO!

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