Thursday, October 21, 2010

Study, boot camp and pancakes

hey everyone hope you all had a lovely day and enjoyed my lean protein post was helpful and made sense, feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)
today was a busy busy day which first of all involved uni..i had  to prep all my food in the morning cos i may have had a few to many glasses of wine last night to remember or have time to do it then. All of it was pretty simple and goes on the lines of this...
  • carrot sticks
  • tuna salad
  • apple
  • yoghurt with orange and chia seeds

salad just had alfalfa, lettuce and carrot (getting to the boring part of the week now and the fridge is looking pretty empty).
Then got stuck into these horrible things
yes they are my coding books
yes there are five of them
yes it is hard
yes they are heavy!
i'll post about this subject again at a later date

This arvo it did a boot camp class i hadnt taken in so long.. and i had missed it! It is amazing our instructor Peter is wonderful and so motivating, he knows how to squeeze every last push up, lunge and squat out of you.. sometimes its really great to be there and be pushed!
today we did alot of strength training which is def an area i need to be pushed in :) thanks Peter

Met the girls tonight for Pancakes at this cute little place in Ivanhoe called Stokers... have you heard of it? its really cute and cosy inside its just lovely to sit there, catch up and have a special treat nomonoomnom
Cass and Liana

Me and Ash

All the girls got strawberry crepes and i went with blueberries, they were yummy
If your in melbourne you must check out this place, much better than pancake palour! check out the link above.

Please feel free to comment about the blog, something random or my posts, i;d love to hear from you xx

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