Sunday, October 17, 2010

I dislike weekends..

GASP...! i know what i just said but in all honesty i feel like i have to climb a small mountain every weekend. I work full days on saturdays and half days on sunday which doesnt leave much time for weekend activities or that break that most people assosciate with the weekend. ok ok  know enough complaining i have just been so exhausted lately just longing for a break which i know is actaully not coming.
Anyway off to work today so i started my how i usally do oats with a cup of blueberries. I am a creature of habbit i eat this everyday becuase it is excellent and exactly what i need to fuel my busy days...ill share this recipe and my love for blueberries at a later date.
Lunch is at work and needs to be reasonably light as i only have 15mins eat it and plan to take yoga tonight so im having an old fav. As far as packaged soups go this one is the best, least sodium, calories and amazing taste. pumpkin is my fav and with only 130 calories its a winner!
Today will be a good day im sure of it...customers will be nice to me and i will exert patience and be polite in all circumstances, positive/ wishful thinking i guess.. Im going to try and make it to a yoga class after work today.. Have a lovely day :)

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