Sunday, October 17, 2010

Extra sultanas please!

hi all, the weekend has ended and my work marathon has come to an end (to at least until tomz). I managed to catch the bikram class after work, i was worried cos the website said that 6pm classes fill really quick, by some miracle i made it to the city in 35mins and was able to FIT in the class. Emphasis on the fit part becuase it was truely i tight squeeze, no lie i have never seen a class this full. Note to self avoid all 6pm classes where possible! Class was amazing! But hard, working beforehand i was tired when i got there so i really had to dig deep to find some energy. Left class completely exhausted but with feeling of awsomeness!! totally worth it,
the plan for dinner was a monster salad (will most definately appear at a later date) and a poached egg on toast. Mum and dad were out so i knew it would be a "get your own tea" night, so u can image my suprise when i came home and mum had left chicken and vege soup on the stove (blesss her!! she is the best). I know i had soup for lunch but im a sucker for soup.. i still had a poached egg on toast and an orange. Sorry guys no pics the camera is not up and running yet.
1.5hr later and 100000cups of green tea later i was still hungry!!! oh boy i understimated the amount of energy i used today at work and at yoga (silly me i know bikram burns about 900cals) . So natural yoghurt was in need,I rather add flavour to my yoghurt than it be the flavoured ones becuase then i know exactly what is in it out for a post about this at a later date.  i toped it with museli and dried fruit i like alittle more salutanas in my museli! which brings me to a site i stumbled on a couple of weeks ago called mix my muesli
It allows you to pick all the ingrediants that go in ur muesli... simple concept amazing idea..wish i thought of it! As a muesli lover im def gonna give this one a try...extra sultanas please :)

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