Monday, October 18, 2010

My fav meal of the day is...

hi everyone, how are we? i am super! well i always feel super after breakfast, its my fav meal of the day and if there was ever a time to go alittle loose on the carbs this is it people!!! As you get to know me alittle more you will come to realise that when it comes to my eats i am very much a creature of habbit, especially when it comes to breakfast. When i wake up i am a hungry monster and cannot waste time umming and arrhing about what to have for breakfast so i stick to an old fav...oats and blueberries!
i just cover it in hot water and out it in the microwave and 3mins i have a superfood breakfast. :) nomnomnom
I'll do a post on the amazing health benefits of blueberries at a later date, i gotta run busy day ahead meeting my dad in the city then for a quick run around the tan and home to smash the books before work, see ya x

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