Monday, October 18, 2010

4 seasons in one run and the accidental purchases..

hey how your day going? after a slow start (i may or mayhave not slept in) it has been quite productive. met my dad in the city to take care of some paper work then went to run the tan..ok not a great run my legs felt heavy and my mouth was dry, my mind just wasnt in it..i thought i dehyrated enough last night but maybe i didnt. I also experianced 4 seasons in one run...pouring rain, blistering sun and cool breezes gosh! on the way home i stopped at the shops to grab some chia seeds and portabello mushrooms for dinner. Somehow i may have ended up in the rebel 'just browsing of corse' and took home these..

i cant feel bad about buying workout clothes, they will make me a happy runner :) i shall pay my credit card back when i get payed!
So have u ever met a monster? i ate one for was 3pm and i was super hungry  so i ate one!
yes i did eat it all!!
1c of rocket
1c alfalfa
1c baby spinach
1 tomato
1 carrot shaved
and a sprinkle of red onion

i also had some yoghurt , an orange with some chia, sultanas and pepetis
looks like alot doesnt it?but i can eat it cos i have a bottomless stomach. all this for around 200 cals how can u wrong with all this considering its about the same content of flavoured yoghurt plus texture and more nutrtional value minus colours flavours and pasionate about this and will most defnately be re visiting this topic later!
off to hit the books bye..

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