Tuesday, October 19, 2010

busy day ahead..

Good morning! how are we? its a beautiful day here which is always a nice thing when i have a busy day ahead! I woke up starving..which is always a good thing cos i jumped straight into eating my oats and blueberries :)
with skim milk for sume extra protein
My day on paper or rather bog looks like this..
  1. clean my room -a bomb as gone off in  there
  2. hit the books -for real this time not like yesterday :(
  3. run...i usally dont run on consectutive days but after yesterdays terrible performance i have to give it another try plus theres no chance of making it the gym this morning.
  4. work...the bain of my life..no joke..this week im working 6 days..its really too much for me with study but i have to wait till i can chance my contract.
  5. 6pm...quick weights session at the gym..its been too long!
  6. rest...aka die on the couch and guilt myself that im not studying.

with all this ahead of me i like to have my food organised so when i am a hungry monster i dont reach striaght for the biscuits so here are my ears for today
monster salad for lunch..
1c alfalfa
1cbaby spinach
1c cos letucce
1 tomato
1 carrot

 work snack
some mid afternoon protein
tsp chia seeds
natural yoghurt
pre gym snackage
ok well thats that im off to begin the day hope yours is wonderfull too xx

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