Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Legs are over it!

I wish i was that bunny off the battery advert..you know the one that can just go and go and go.. But im not and i have to constantly remind myself of that. Yesterday i thought it would be ok to push myself to run..mentally i was only there for half the run..then i stopped for two reasons. One because my calves are on fire and two becuase my new shoes are giving me pain!
they are exactly the same wonderful asics that have done me well in the past but its been awhile since i have had to work in new shoes so im suffering  blisters :( poor me i know...
SO TODAY IS REST DAY...not my fav day, but in an effort to find balance in my life, it is necessary!!
Not to mention im working both jobs today total of 8hrs gosh!! and have a take home exam, and two assignments due this week to tackle!
wish me luck...
random eats from yesterday

nothing teribbly wonderful or exiting :( sorry guys my a creature of habbit espec when i dont hav time to think. better start my busy day, hope yours is wonderful x

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