Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fresh legs!

hey there little blog and the lovely wonderful, smart and beautiful people that read it...
How are we all? i started the day wanting to stay in bed after a very late night of fixing a take home exam that was due before 9am today..needless to say i was not happy chappy in the morning but convinced myself that the gym is next to uni, so i may as well go after i hand my exam in. BOY AM  GLAD I WENT! sometimes you really have to push yourself but you will thank yourself later! I started out on the cross train yawning and looking like i was hating life..i finished rowed then did a full upper body weights session followed by a lovely 20mins on my fav the stepper..and there you go...doesnt time fly when your having fun(aka procrastinating from doing more uni work). Two hours completely disapeared but i went from waking up feeling rusbish to loving life..and being very glad i got out of bed today!

I woke up feeling much better day compared to yesterday my legs felt ready to tackle a workout :) its a good feeling, i get sad when my body doesnt want to move because thats what makes me the happiest (and lollies) ..but its about the balance right..>?! im not perfect at it is definately a work in process

The weather here is warming up nicely and i am def not used to running in anything other than it was time to adjust my running gear..introducing my new toys..
visor and waist belt to hold a bottle and keys/glu ect.. oh and i bought a pair of shots for when i feel like flashing my legs :)
came home from gym/shopping starving ,had already devoured a snack box in the car so i tucked into..a rice cake with almond butter and sultanas and a pot of green tea..


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