Wednesday, October 27, 2010

horrible ending..

if you are after a health /happy/motivating/cheerful post .............THIS IS NOT ONE sorry x
today started out lovely after an great gym session and went down hill as soon as i arrived at work..turns out a customer who claimed i was rude to has reported me to head office..
excuse me! she was awful to me, made me cry which lead me to scratching my cornea and having a bung eye for 4 weeks!
she wants an apology from me..i had to sit down with all the managers while i cried hysterically and listen to them convince me i had to say sorry....undecided on whether i will, ive been there for 7 years and if thats the respect/loyality management is going to show me then its time to move not a checkout chick for a uni student on my way to being fabulous health information manager, maybe its time i took a role as a medical receptionist or clerk to get industry based experiance.
yes i am stubbon but come on! im not saying sorry because one; i feel harrassed by the customer and my managers for forcing me to apologise and two; i feel unsafe by the threats she has made to me finally three; i have lost faith in my managers who did not stand up for me when they know my character and what type of worker i am. i had such a big cry i gave myself hives and blood shot eyes, i was humilated because lets face it no one want to be seen looking that awful, so now i have a big headache and am dreading work on friday
what am i going to do?!
sorry for the rant

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  1. I totally know where you are coming from. I was in a similar position a couple of years ago and had a big cry at work. Ended up changing stores. Without knowing what actually happened, I say stick to your guns. Checkout chicks cop so my crap.