Friday, October 15, 2010

The race that has started it all...

On sunday i ran my first event .. in training for my half marathon i have signed up for a few shorter races along the way so the melbourne marthon 10km event was the first one to mark off the list.
i ummed and arrrred alot on whether i was ready to run this race or whether i even should, as for most of the lead up i was inspired and coached a previous boyfriend and when that ended badly i was left crushed and to be honest alittle heart broken...anyway enough about that! i decided to run for me, and am so glad i did! My mum and Dad came with me to support me and my cousin  also suprised me by turning up and cheering me on. To say i was nervous would be putting it lightly and had a whole list of could'ves and should'ves going round in my head..
i could've trained more...
i should've drank more water...
but i ran and was suprised that i easily ran the whole 10km and my official time was 01:06.56hrs! i was stoked i definately ran my best race and considering in high school i couldnt run 4km...the next goal is to run 10km under 1hr
pre race i was very nervous.. can you tell?

during the race snapped by my cousin, she gave me the boost i need, and can even admit i was having fun at this point.

finishing the race and getting the medal made it all worth it and i was so proud of myself it was definately an achievement for me and i was on the biggest high, running around the MCG at the end was magical.

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