Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reluctant Rest Day

Saturdays are crazy days, i work at both of my jobs, i worked at the store 10-2 and the supermarket 2.30-7..gosh thinking about it makes me exhausted. So the plan for today was to get up and run then go to work but that wasnt ment to be i was raining! Usally alittle bit of rain doesnt put me off but this morning i just couldnt do it with the long day i had ahead.. im totally exhausted at the moment and theres no way im making my way to the temple (aka gym). Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and mine is definately screaming out for a break since i have worked out everyday since my race last sunday and my muscles are sore sore sore ....still!! its my own fault i know i have to give my body time to recover, so maybe today was a hidden blessing..
not even going to talk about my eats i said saturdays are crazy days

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