Monday, November 15, 2010

The bag lady

Hi  guys how are we? im a stress head at the moment and can honestly say i would like to skip to this time next week when im FRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
but and till then bare with me.. i love this blog, its like my little baby and i love watching it grow and meeting and reading comments from all you lovely people who read it, but this week i have to really nuckle down and hit the books, not becuase im sure i will pass but becuase in case i dont i want to be able to say i gave it a good shot.
this is what i pack at the start of a typical week day.

(from left to right)
work uniform
uni bag
gym bag
i feel like a bag lady...although im glad i dont have to carry all of them around i can stash them in my car.

Today the plan was to wake up and make it to the gym nice and early then study all day  then go to work at 5.30. I aimed high, and usally i do ok,but today i just felt flat i pushed myself hard at the gym my mind wasnt in it my body was tired, i managed 5mins rowing (warm up) then 20min elliptical and a full arms and legs weights session, i was just drained i couldnt do the planned 20min on the steper :( i was disapointed in myself. Instead of going to the library i just went home to shower and wear daggy clothes drink unlimited tea and drive into my books...
my eats today looked alittle like this..(what i prepared for school then work)
nothing new, creature of habbit.
lucky  i went home becuase i must have really needed a bit of a rest.. turns out i feel asleep on my books,, totally comfy sleep just exhausted
my first exam is tomz wish we luck :)

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