Saturday, November 13, 2010

The good life of yoga, sushi friends and wine, why i havnt been studying...

Hi how are we all? Im exhausted (i know i constantly say that ..maybe i need a blood test..or maybe im just to busy ahh its the life i choose :)  )
This weekend has been all started off on thursday night when i convinced another of my wonderful friend into coming to bikram yoga with me ... horray!!
Introducing the lovely girl..
Ive known Liana  for what seems like forever, actually she was ne of my first friends in year 7 at high school, shopping buddy, work mate (yes she works at hell too), fellow bus commuter back in the day and is well and truely a little women who is in training to be an awsome nurse and midwife...ok small girl crush here  ....No but on a serious note i never thought i would convice her to do yoga with me!
Ok..feel free to giggle away here...after yoga we were on such a high/ delusional space of sweatyness/ dehydration that we thought it would be fun to tree pose for you all to see...ok the novaltiy is here...the pose isnt quite perfect we not yogis yet...just two old friends who happen to have the same taste in clothing (no we didnt plan it)
I even managed to take her to pilates the next day ...we had so much fun. After pilates on friday i decided not to but to study instead make sushi for the bbq we were going to have before we all went to a close friends 21st. BBQ snags and burgers are so 90's anyway right?! So here it goes...not exactly perfection in fact no where near but still very yummy... will def be doing this again so much cheaper than the store..ill  post the recepe/intructions for you all soon :)

advocado, capsicum and carrot

 tuna and advocado

My friend jess had her 21st last night and many wines were consumed to celebrate...just had to give her a shout out and to all the lovely people i saw that i hadnt been able to see for ages ...i even met people who read my blog..gosh you mean people really read this im shocked but flattered at the same time love u all xx
happy birthday jess xx

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