Friday, November 19, 2010

I have started!

Good morning :)
I was a busy little bee yesterday, it all started off with me discovering there was no blueberries left for breakfast (it seems i was a piglet this week and ate them all before friday, oh well) this gave me a chance to give something else a go.. intoducing..
oats, apple and cinnamon, made with water and milk added . it was yum! ( but blueberries are still my fav)

I got to school by 10 for a coding practice exam. if you havnt met my coding books here they are
dont let their pretty colors fool you! they are mean mean things and are making my life rather hard at the moment. What are they for you ask? CLINICAL CODING. im studying to be a health infomormation manager. health information managers are incharge of the medical record coding, admin staff within the hospital, deal with forms design, all documentation requiements, FOI requests and funding within the hospital. These pretty books are used to code the medical record, going through the medical record and extracting the care path, including diagnosis and treatment giveing the record allocated codes and then submitting it to the department of health  who collect stats and the government. Different care paths cost different amounts of money and it is important to code them correctly so the hospital can be reimbersed by funding. The funding the hospital recieves impacts the amount othat bad, but i am finding it rather chllenging f beds they are able to opperate the next month..
sound fun? its not at the moment just becuase i am trying to get my head around the legistics of it all.
the subject has a 75%  pass mark, which means if i got 75% in the exam that would be just a pass...gosh its hard wish me luck! the prac exam didnt g so well but i guess i have things to wrk on now right?
the exam is on monday (insert scared face here><)

after this 5hr class i felt the need to spend some money, decided that i really cant afford to buy things for myself so i may as well start on some christmas shopping before the crazy crowds come out in mass panic. i only got three but at least i have started :)

Im not going to show you what they are becuase i know the people who they are for read my bog :)
christmass wrapping is one of my fav things, this year i have gone for a purple and silver theme :)

i made it to my boot camp class, it was the last one for the year :( im going to miss it...No one manages to make me smile while mine squatting and doing multipul push ups (not at the same time) quite like peter :)
oh well i hope its back next year , im sure it will be becuase it always had a great attendance
There were times within the class when i was thinking about bailing from the planned yoga but i knew i just couldnt!

It seems all the cool kids are doing it these days, im so proud of all my friends who have given it a try.
Including these beautiful ladies..grace cat, shay and liana.. all new bikram devotees :)

WHAT A DAY i still feel the sorness form boot camp yesterday.
today i have to get a strengh training in before i got to pilates some study then hell work.
Later on tonight we are all going out for birthday drinks for our lovely friend glen.. very much looking forward to a good glass of wine (on the down low of corse i am still studying ...yes ....yes...i am)
have a lovely day :)


  1. i would LOVE to take a boot camp class!! i hear they're intense, but sometimes it feels good to workout till you can't workout no more, ya know?

  2. oh i wish you lived in melbourne becuase i would take you to mine. Peter is great, he puts on fun music and does none of the sergent screaming and yelling but some how manages to push everyone really hard...
    im really going to miss it while the class stops over the summer