Saturday, November 20, 2010

Im still here ...sorry

Hi lovely people that read my blog..first of all i have to say im sorrry.Im sorry i have neglected you, it makes me feel so guilty and believe me blogging is something i love to do, not having time to do something i love also makes me sad. This studying caper is driving me crazy and i am wondering if there is any point becuase i seriously need a small mircle to pass( go away negative  nat!) but on a positive note i will try becuase thats in fact all i can do...
So in complete desperation i cleaned my desk (no im not showing you a pic because its still messy) the only difference now is that the clothes that were on the desk are now on the floor. I havnt sat at this desk since i sat my year 12 exams...gosh that seems like a long time ago! Sitting at my desk i was able to read all the motivation quotes i used to get through the countless assessments i had in year 12 and rediscovered an old fav i have to share with you.


"Just remember,
that if you're not working at your game to the utmost of your ability,
there will be someone out there somewhere with equal ability who will be,
and one day you will play each other and they will have the advantage."

To me this can be applied to anything, running, study, work...the point is it reminds me i dont have to be the fastest, i dont have to be the smartest or the most successful, but i do have to aim for a personal best, i do have to try to my utmost ability purely for self satifation and to prove that i am capable. Everyday there are people just like me trying their best, am i any better than them.....? No. The only thing that will set me aside from these people is the effort i put in.

i also have a whole list of things i plan to do with my freedom...some very very nesessary ie cleaning and others things i really really want to do, like work on some cool posts for my blog ect
here is said list:
·         clean room
·         put clothes away
·         dust
·         clean all draws
·         throw away 20 things
·         find somewhere for my shoes
·         bathroom
·         clean up sewing machine area.
·         go to library and borrow some books to read
·         work on my poor little neglected blog
·         workout like im a crazy women.. take some more classes at the gym
·         find a good spin class
·         run
·         find a costume for movemeber run
·         buy mums birthday present
·         tackle wardrobe
·         sew/alter all op shop clothing and post on blog
·         become a yogi
·         drink more water
·         clean my car, inside and out
·         de clutter my life in genral... throw away things
·         continue the Christmas shopping quest.
·         update my running playlist
·         pick up vitamins from chemist
thats it... thats all.. cant procrastinate any longer must study ie work at my game :)
work at yours too :)

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