Monday, November 22, 2010

No More Excuses

Im done, finished!...GOOD BYE EXAMS
Now im finished theres no more time for excuses and lately i have made plenty....
  • excuses to why my car is not clean
  • excuses why my room is not the cleanest
  • excuses to why i am too tired to run or do extra time on the cross trainer.
  • excuses to not responding to emails and letter
WELL NO MORE... I have no reason to make them because now i free from exams.

I woke up on saturday saturday feeling the wine from the night before and feeling every muscel in my bum and stomache ache, walking up the stairs at work was even a struggle..i was in need of a rest day, sunday i also didnt excersise because i used all my free hours to cram for my exam i had today..
I love excersising on fresh legs, today i felt wonderful, and did a much needed strength session of arms legs and abs :) why cant all workouts be that painless?
so the workout was going great untill the thought of just skipping the planned 20mins on the stepper crept into my mind. i started telling myself that i was playing netball tonight and maybe i could run later...
but i did it because
I need to stop making excuses!!! people that fail and that are weak make excuses...i want to be neither of those things. People who make excuses dont see results...i want results, commit and i will get them...and enjoy them while im running a new PB for the 10km, wearing my victoria secret bikini and by being in the best shape i can possibly be! I GOT THROUGH THOSE 20MINS ON THE STEPPER AND EVEN TURNED IT UP 3 LEVELS MORE THAN I USALLY DO BECAUSE FROM NOW ON


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