Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I always try to drink a lot of water, but lets face it, sometimes im too busy or just simply forget, and with the weather warming up its really important for your health

8 Reasons to drink water

1. Its Free
It costs nothing, unlike high priced energy drinks, soft drinks ect it comes from the tap fill your drink bottle and your ready to go. Try to never leave the house without it, this will keep your mindset on hyrdating if your carrying it around in your bag.

2. Survival
Drinking water keeps you alive, yes this is very basic but at the end of the day it is the truth. Your cells need water to function correctly. If you dont drink enough water your body will tell you its not happy, headaches are the obvious symtom here.

3.More energy
Forget the redbull!You can try to boost your energy with sodas or caffeine, but those actually drain water from your body. Instead, boost your energy levels by drinking water regularly.

4. Reduces pain
Before reaching for the pain medication have a glass of water first! Drink more particularly before excerise as it will boost circulation.

5. Good for you skin
There are acne creams and anti-aging gels galore, but the easiest way to protect your skin and stay looking young and beautiful is to drink water.
Drinking water also helps retain the elasticity in your skin, and fight those pesky wrinkles. That’s something everyone can drink to!

6. Keeps you cool
Water helps your body maintain its temperature, so if you have a fever or are just feeling warm, take a drink of water to cool down.

7. Aids weight loss
Obviously, water has zero calories, which makes it perfect for helping you to lose weight.
Also, when you are trying to cut back on the amount of food you eat, drink plenty of water to help give you a sense of fullness, minus the calories. Try and and drink a large glass of warm water before meals to keep you full, warm water is also best for hydration as it is easily absorbed into the cells. Cold water on the other hand is refreshing but also helps the body burn more calories as it needs to be heated for the cells to absorb it.

8. Strong bones.
Calcuim is essential to bone density.. no doubt about that but so is water. Without water the body would be unable to absorb the calcuim

No time to drink?
i find it hard to find time to guzzle? i do too i make sure i have a bottle in my bag, try to fill it as often as possible and then if its not empty on th way home drink it while driving...Not all drink driving is illegal..;) just make sure you watch the roads too :)

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