Tuesday, November 23, 2010

freedom is sweet :)

Hi lovely people that read my blog...today was wonderful, i slept in and then made my way to the gym. The plan was to run but it was so hot when i woke up i knew it wasnt the sensible thing to do.
workout was wonderful...(many thanks to the gym for having aircon it definately helped)
breakfast looks like this....the usal oats and blueberries made with water

  • x-trainer 20mins 207cals
  • bike 20mins 168cals
  • stepper 10mins 170cals
  • pilates class
= Big smile and hungry nat!

 microved egg with cheese and ham on multigrain bread (the egg didnt turn out like it usally does but i was so hungry i ate it anyway and it tasted fine)
left over crunchy salad from last night...still yummy.

spent the afternoon cleaning my room and ticking off the list...

before work snack consisted of this..

fat free yogurt with chia,blueberrie, and museli..nomnonmom

work was much along the lines as it has been lately..it makes me so upset. My manager has been talking about me behind my back to other staff members and they have come and told me...she called me 'soft' when i explained to her i have anxiety, and just other bitchy comments that are completely unprofesional  and behavoiur that could be expected by a 15yr old not someone twice her age. I feel the enviroment there is just toxic and although i have lovely friends there i find it really stressful to go to work when she is there.. anyway im trying to bounce off all this negative energy and focus on just putting my head down and getting the next few pay slips before i resign after christmas...

Dinner at work was pretty simple...i just threw together a salad and put a can of tuna in my bag, it turned out to be pretty tasty :)

alrighty thats all from my camp at the moment... the day was mostly lovely :) hope yours was too xx


  1. i would LOVE to take a pilates class! i used to do them at home (Winsor Pilates) and my core never looked better. then i changed jobs, my schedule got nuts, and well, how easy is it to let your workout slide. (sigh...classic story...)

    really hope everything gets better with your job. that's really unprofessional of your manager, is there someone above her you can speak with?

  2. hi, yeh im pretty lucky doing shift work and being a uni student so i can make it to the classes :)
    oh thanks for the well wishes about that 'situation' no, unfortunately she is the manager of the front end and the stores union representative, so really have no hope..if i tried it would just make things worse for me you know?