Monday, November 29, 2010

its strange how things work out..

 hey all just thought id fill you in on my rather eventful day that i had to day...but to start from the beginning i really have to go back to last mentioned in yesterdays post i had a wonderful bikram class last night, probs the best one yet. One of the most intense postures i find is camel ..pictured belew
camel is the deepest backward bend within the class and is said to open up your to be honest i know nothing about chakas but i tell you i feel the most intense emotional realise after this pose, something that i cant explain. Last nights focus was heavily on letting go of anger or hurt we have been holding on to, and as strange as this sounda after class i felt so secure within myself, so content for the first time since my recent boyfriend and i went our separate ways (horrible long story that if i told you, you would hate men completely and if you are a man you would hate yourself). I took this as the universe was telling me that i was going to be ok...
when i got home i had a text message from a lovely man who ive fancied for some while and we are going on a date on thursday (big girly smile...gosh im a loser)

Today i woke up late read some blogs and had a delish brekkie of the usal oats and blueberries
then i went into my bedroom...i was on a mission to throw away stuff!

over 60 pieces of clothing in here my friends that i cant wait to drop off at the salvos :)
my reward for cleaning my closet?

i found a dollar :) straight to the money box for you!

and i found Diasy! Diasy was my favorite doll, i had heaps but she was my fav for some reason so i dusted her off and put her on my bed...your never to old for dolls right?....dont answer that..
after hours of cleaning i settled for this spinach fritta for lunch

it tured out to be 100000% more wonderful that i thought and i gobbled it all up then packed my work uniform and went to get my workout on before i headed to work.
i smashed 40mins of cardio 450 calories and a 30min strength session focusing on abs and arms!
theres only one month left in this year people how do you want to end the year? once again failing your new years resolutions or being able to say to yourself i did the best i could, i gave it shot and i will continue to smash it into the new year...Or get a head start on everyone else  :)


  1. I love LOVE yoga. I don't know what it is about it (I can't put my finger on a specific thing), but to me there is a noticeable difference when I haven't gone for awhile, versus when I'm freshly walking out of a class. It's like something amazing/magical/almost spiritual! Whatever it is - it's the best feeling ever!

  2. This spinach frittata looks devine. We eat a egg white fittata each week for dinner and I am going to try this one.