Friday, November 26, 2010

Mo Running

hey guys i did it again ...another sneaky race, i have to keep you posted about the next ones i promise.
So yesterday i ran another 10km race and i did well (for me) i finished in 1.03.37... im ok with that hey i would have liked it to be under an hr but honestly i believe i dont deserve results i dont work for, and lets face it i havnt work that hard since the eltham race.
The race was around albert park lake it was a beautiful place to run but it also would have been great not to feel like i was swimming 5 of the rained, actually it poured...but these things cant be helped. The race was relatively easy as there were no hills it was completely flat.

 The race was to support movember which is a great cause and an excuse to run...well any excuse will do right :)
i felt genrally fine the whole time, the rain caused the track to be a bit mushy which ment my feet were damp and i got a few blisters but apart from that nothing else reportable :)
i left my camera at home this race as i didnt have my usal supporters there, mum and dad were at work and becuase the race started at 6.30pm they wouldnt have made it in time..
my lovely white asics are no longer...
race medal..i love a race that gives out medals :)

we were chased around the lake by the swans which squarked at us and ran after us...but they did have pretty cute little babies :)

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