Saturday, November 6, 2010

serial snacker...the results

I have become I serial snacker! Not at home..where my diet is mostly clean..BUT AT WORK!
i used to use work as an excuse not eat and to skip meals cutting my daily calorie intake which lead me to become very skinny…and not happy(that’s a story for another day) but since I have got my eating on track and my metabolism has well and truly jumped back on top of me I get really really hungry at work. During the day I keep high protein low calorie snacks at hand and eat them every 2-3hrs..i still find large meals quite overwhelming (if u can tell  by my food posts) so I keep my energy up by healthy snacking and three healthy meals. My problem cames along when I am at work…standing at a register for 4 hours lifting ect makes me tired and super super hungry, back in the old days I would use energy drinks or diet coke to get me through but since cutting those from my daily diet the only thing that is available that I reach for is LOLLIES!
I LOVE LOLLIES, but I must not, cannot consume them every time I go to work which is 5-6 days a week!
So that is my problem… 
Its really not possible for me to eat more before a start work as I always make sure I have a yogurt and some fruit so in my effort to curve my sweet tooth and hunger I have been exploring protein shakes.
So after a little researching I narrowed my choices down to these 2
Musashi SLM

·         20g protein
·         99% fat free
·         163 calories
·         18.5g carbs
·         250ml
·         $2.90

Atkins Advantage  

·         15g protein
·         98% fat free
·         151 calories
·         1.3g carbs
·         325ml
·         $3.50

They both taste great! They both fill me up and keep me full for ages but which one is better?. Musashi has slightly more calories but a lot more protein, but has significantly more carbs than the Atkins which has less calories and 75ml more..
Comments a hungry gal out ;)


  1. hi nat,

    love this blog.

    i would say go with the first one the musashi slm, the extra protein and carbs will fill you up for longer then the atkins even though it is of smaller volume. It is also cheaper and i dont think the extra 12 calories will be an issue for someone who is as physically active as you are.

    If you find these shakes to be of benefit to you i would recomend looking into whey protein concentrate (wpc) it will be a cheaper option for you in the long run as you can buy in bulk and make your own drinks with milk or water.


  2. hey callum thanks for following my blog :) i had a really bad experiance with womens powder protien so thats why ive always kept away from it as it tastes quite funky but i should def give whey i try ive heard good things about it. i guess its all about finding the one that works best for you.. thanks for the feedback

  3. yeah if you have lactose issues then definitely go whey protein isolate over wpc. i'm just trying some protein suppliments now and have heard a good way to go is to mix with water and add a scoop of powerade powder to make it yum!