Sunday, November 7, 2010

Race review

This post is alittle sneaky i know..because i didnt tell you that i was running a race today did i? nope dont think so, sorry about that it was a last minute decision to do a local 10km fun run and it went alittle like this....
It was a nice and local run which started at 9am at the YMCA in eltham so i woke up at 7am ate the usal for breakfast oats made with water and half a cup of blueberries with a slash of milk
only ate half beaucse i was feeling sort of funny in the stomach..not a good sign but i figured i was just nervous. I was nervous, this is my second race and after coming off such a high from the first i was worried i wouldnt do better than i did previously. The melbourne marathon 10km was mostly flat and i knew this one had some challenging hills so i was expecting a slower race time. I had my race stuff all ready to go, so i poped that on and went down the road to the start line which was only a 15minute drive.

the first 2km my earphones kept popping out of my ears, it was so annoying, these were knew ones because i broke my other ones earlier in the week grrrr anyway i really struggled through this race my calves were so tight and sore and my stomach felt unwell but i pushed myself to finish, there was no way i wasnt going to pass that line, i couldnt imagine having to come back and report to you lovely people that i gave up. that just wont do! so i just kept going had a few 20second walking breaks, i just struggled with motivation for this one, felt unwell and my mind wasnt in it...i was being really negative, i hate to admit. i tried my best to think of people who inspire me and all that but all i could think of is how can i possibly run a half marathon if i want to give up now?! This wasnt helping and positive self talk is def something i must work on in the future..
All through the race i was thinking how awful i was feeling and how slow i was going so when i crossed the finish line and i saw the time 1.02.02 i was pleasently suprised i beat my last time by almost 5mins
what a relief i can tell my calves are gonna be sore today!
post race snack
and thats all folks..the lesson i learnt today is to not doubt myself becuase it seems im my own worst enemy, i wasnt doing so bad at all in fact i maybe able to break under an hour in my next race if i just have alittle more faith and be kinder to myself :)

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