Monday, November 8, 2010

Did i just promise you a suprise and not deliver?!

hey there..reading back on previous posts i may have promised an exciting announcement and not delievered.. gosh i am very sorry with the wirlwind  that was last week it completely slipped my mind... Well by now my closest girlfriends know because i told them at dinner the other night...they were all really supportive as im sure you will be too...
So here goes... As of the 31st of January i am making my first steps to becoming a personal trainer by starting my cert.3 and cert.4 in fitness! Im so excited...this is something i never dreamed i would do simply because i thought i wasnt good enough but the last few months, reading other blogs which tell inspirational stories their daily lives i thought why not?! There is not reason that i cannot do what i love, afterall the only limitations are the ones we set ourselves right?
so theres my big news im really excited, im still doing uni, so i will be doing the course on the side and it should take me under 12 months to complete
hope your day was brilliant, mine was i got an excellent workout in the morning 45 mins of cardio and 30 mins strength, then spent the rest of the day trying to studying

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  1. that's so awesome, girl!! i've thought about studying this at one point...then i realized i can't get up to train that early. :p