Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Do what you love, love what you do...

Ive been unhappy for most of this year..My job at coles is a toxic environment for me, its killing me, I lack
motivation to study and ive been so worried at times that anxiety completely takes over me....this is a continuous cycle for me..and clearly something thats not going to change unless i make so serious changes...

first comes first the job has to go..unfortunately im on a contract and also have some serious bills to pay before i can tell them where to go.. I thought about sticking it out but the facts are i work 5-6 days a week, i have little chance of getting time off and when i do, even for a sick day im made to feel really bad.. Im not living my life, i cant run all the races i want to, study the hours i would like or even work out when i want...i know this is what a job is all about but i feel like being choked by it, its too much for me at the moment. Reality is im 21, i dont have or need a full time job and i feel like im not getting the most out of my life becuase im wound up in the work study sleep cycle and so damm worried about whats going to happen or how my boss is going to treat me. So the plan is to leave the job after christmas have 2 wonderful weeks off then go straight into working at the tennis..which i love(i work for lacoste with the most wonderful people) then after thats over...find a new one...a real one with the skills that i have ..in a hospital or somewhere where i want to be like a gym or something...we shall see what the universe throws at me!

secondly i told you all about the study thing and how im going to get my cert.3 and 4 in fitness as well as uni. My theory is to do what i love then hopefully fall in love with the study again...by showng myself i can live a balanced lifestyle and not be locked in a certain job, maybe i will do both :)
the anxiety should clear, when i get rid of the emotional clutter in my life and practice more yoga....ahh that would be the life

So you and only you have the power to change the situations in your life, if your not happy change it...sure its a risk but you only get one life, there is no point going through it feeling miserable..

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