Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A day with the books and a stint in hell

hello lovely people that read myblog i hope you are all well and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
today i had a date with my books...i must must must study it wasnt fun me and my clinical coding subject do not get along..
the books look pretty but dont let them fool you they are mean to me!
its been awhile since ive posted a day of eats so her you go...just the usal i am a creature of habbit...

1/5 cup blueberries 1/5 cup oats made with water and milk

simple tuna salad with plain jalna and chia and sultanas
pre-hell work snack protien shake and apple

i had dinner at work tonight so just threw together something quick with the leftovers that were in the fridge. doesnt look the best but it was yum
half a tomato and cucumber left over from lunch
half a chicken breast
half cup of broad beans... nomnomnomnom

my heart is not in work at the moment, im jut crushed at how im being treated and the environment there just feels toxic...i cant wait to move on but untill then i just have to keep repeating 'keep calm and carry on'.
i got some really inspiring words this morning from Kelly Olexa's blog  which is still going round and round n my head. she was talking about anticipating the negativity others will throw at you and bouncing it off.. it helped me today alot :)
No exercise today :( my body was screaming for a rest day,,so much so that i hobbling around the house, it just wasnt ment to be today i guess so i rested my legs and just rubbed some elmore oil in them in the hopes it would work, they feel ok now so maybe it has.
Its been forever since i have taken a bikram class and im dying (and being a drama queen its only been 1 week) i think after boot camp tomz one will have to be on the cards.
hope you all are well and being the best you can be, until i write again..bye


  1. Please come to Brisbane and make all my breakfast, lunch and dinners for me. xx

  2. Don't let the work thing get you down. These situations are so terrible! Hope you get out of there soon. :)