Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time poor catch up and fustration at the books and those who work with them

hi everyone, loving this weather, starting to feel like summer for sure which is also kind a cruel on the weather mans part because it would be a lot easier to study if it was cold and raining outside.
Today was bootcamp day but decided to have my workout in the morning so i could catch up with this lovely girl

Theres is no doubt that we are all time poor these days with exam and work (jess and i both work 2 jobs) so the only time we really manage to catch up on a regular basis is at the gym. Our crazy road trips and adventures are too far inbetween for our liking but i guess thats what makes them so fun. It works best because we always manage to push each other to work harder while still having a giggle.
During the workout i achived a personal best; i was able to lift and bench press 6kg dumbells which is amazing considering in June i could only lift 3kgs!

After the gym the day sort of went down hill, i was supposed to meet a study group but all the girls ended up not being able to make it, i worked 2 hrs on my own then decided to see if i could use the room we booked anyway becuase the library was getting quite loud. i asked the help desk lady and she wouldnt tell me which room that was booked becuase of a privacy issue then when i asked if there were any free she said no...clearly i was in eye sight of an empty study room! I then went to ask her if i could use it and she had already started serving someone else when the lady right next to her was free and there was no que what so ever..i couldnt believe it, she just did not want to help metried to get rid of me. It made me feel really diflated...the other staff member acklowleged she was being rude but i had had enough i decided to go home for lunch and study in the quiteness of my home..gosh! sorry for the rant, i just couldnt believe it.
Ate all the same foods as so boring i know...but heres a highlight
added some blueberries and musli with the chia seeds and natural fat-free gotta try it!

my body is screaming for a bikram class tonight. cant wait :)


  1. Yumm I love the look of the yoghurt and muesli. My supermarket has chia seeds now too!

  2. i know how weird is that, the health food section in coles is actually representing some health food instead of just weight loss pills and protien shakes/bars