Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 watch out im gonna kick your butt!

Hi friends, hope your all well and enjoying your new years celebrations i know i certainly am...thats why i wrote this post for all you guys before i left on my 3 day new years festival extravaganza stay tuned for the review post in the new year im sure it will be epic!
So heres the topic: NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. pfft some people roll their eyes and say why bother but i rather look at them as goals. Goal setting is productive providing they are realistic and you put the motions in play to achiving theres no point saying your gonna loose 20kgs when a) you dont change your diet and  b) you dont exercise.
so heres a few of my goals id like to share with you all, note all of these are already in practice, why wait for the new year to make a positive change to your aim is to get better at achieving these goals, if you get what i mean..

  • take more classes at the gym instead of just doing my own thing, classes usally push you harder (if you take the right ones) and teach you new things.

  • make time to go and see this girly, natalie is my best friend (yep same name) and she lives in brisbane, i miss her heaps.

  • pay off my credit card and put it away for rainy days
let the scale and my weight influence my life  in no way!!! im done...its all about how i feel and how much effort i put into working out and eating right, numbers will play no role!

  • make time to practice bikram yoga at least once a week
  • nourish my body with wholesome and yummy foods

  • find balance between eating healthy, workingout, working and study not to mention partying as all good uni students do

  • continue to lift weights im falling in love with it :)
  • make no whining ..if i want it..ill work for it and get it.
  • continue to love these girls..they are my best friends and have been there through thick and thin for me, 2011 has lots of fun times installed for us im sure
  • run a half marathon....i can do it :)

  • find a new job..
  • obtain my cert 3 and 4 in fitness
and how could i forget...lastly and certainly not least..continue to work on my little corner of the net HBC. this year i was really proud to launch HBA and watch my page views grow and even get a few regualars (hi 7 followers). In 2011 i would like to contiue my blog and watch it grow even further (so everyone tell your friends) and dont be afraid to leave me a comment from time to time they make me feel loved :)

readers questions..
what are your goals for 2011? and why are they important to you?
is there anything/ topics you'd like to hear about on this blog? im completely open for considerations..

So keep posted people for more blogging in the new year. i hope 2011 brings all you hope it to and you kick some butt along with me :) in the meanwhile party they year away in style love you all
natalie x

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