Thursday, December 30, 2010

How i kicked ass in 2010

Thought id look back over this past year and pick out the things im most proud off..

  • Im proud that i kicked my eating disorder in the ass
  • Im proud that i now enjoy eating and drinking with my friends
  • Im proud that i started lifting weights, and yesterday i was able to bench 7kg dumbells !!
  • Im proud that this year i was able to smash heaps of days on the slopes and even atempted the park :)
  • Im proud that i learnt how to put tyre chains on my car (yep thats my butt and back totally kicking tyre ass)

  • Im proud that i started running this year and i completed 4 10k races...
melbourne marathon 1.06hrs

eltham fun run 1.02hrs
 mo running 10k 1.04hrs

sussans womens fun run 1.00hrs

  • i managed to get the confidence up to quit my job.
  • im proud that i got through an  awful breakup with self respect and 100% more confidence than what he left me with.
  • im proud that i was able to see my best friend natalie twice this year for our 21st birthdays :)
  • im proud to call these girls my best friends...i truely feel that we have all grown up together, and support each other 100% through all sorts of difficult and interesting times...not to mention the mischief we get up to..

  •  and how can i forget i start this little baby HBA :)

Readers question.. How did you kick ass this year and what are you proud of?

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