Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On our way..

Hi loveley people the frequent my blog just a quick post to let you know we (the girls and i)are packed and on our way for the most wonderful new year celebration ... aka a crazy 3 days of camping boozing and music apprication

we are off to...

some snap shots from last year...

yep its gonna be fun :)

heres a peep at the line up...

im excited about seeing so many bands i honestly might burst! little read! gypsy and the cat! john steel singers! philly js! N.E.R.D!! wwoooot if i die after these 3 days i reckon i will be musically fullfilled (that sounds kinda creepy but yeh you get me)
readers question what are you up to for NYE?

we're off see ya!  stay tuned though becuase i love you all oh so much  i have some posts for you :) see you tomz

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