Monday, December 27, 2010

eats, blonde and goodbyes..

Hi friends hows all the post christmas food hangovers going? i tell you once i have a blow out day like christmas i crave to do the same the next day and they next...its really hard to get back to my normal clean eating ..but im trying my very best :)

for breakfast i had some jalna, chia seeds, museli and blueberries.....very very yummy

then i went for a run..the aim was for 8km..but i battled my mind the whole way...i swear the only thing that that holds me back from achieving is negative self talk drives me crazy the whole time my mind was rambling "im tired...this music is old....i could just walk and try again another time' then i went on like ' if you give up now your a quitter, is you dont keep running your a failure and you will fail at every race you atempt..ect ect ect are you ever going to run a marathon?!"
this sort of thinking is rediculous and it just spirals...i really have to get on top of it in 2011..anyway i made it 6km which is a good effort considering.
came home to lunch which was a leftover turkey salad
with turkey breast, spinach leaves and alfalfa nomnomnomnom

then it was off to the hair dressers i went i will post a photo next time i remember sorry :) but needless to say im very happy with it...blonde and happy :)
had my last shift at work...ever which was meh..i mean it was just like any other shift,,it didnt feel like a last and i dont think i will miss it..but what i will miss the family of friends i had there..its just an excuse to catch up and go out dancing i guess..
dinner was disgracefull ..although i had a protien shake while i was at work and was not particularly hungry there was pizza on the table when i came home and some how it disapeared into my mouth ooop..ah well we are all human right?

tomz is a big day i have a lot of baking to do and preparation for the camping festival the girls and i are going on on wednesday plus i have to squeeze in a workout and and we are doing a girft exhange for christmas :) cant wait, exciting times ahead
see your lovely faces tomorrow x

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