Thursday, December 23, 2010

Its the holidays and its up to you whether your naughty or nice..

We all tend to overindulge at christmas time because its so damm tempting..all the yummy foods are put in front of can we say no?! well here is some food for thought that wont leave us slaving away our new year in the gym.

Turkey and trimmings, including stuffing, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, boiled carrots, Brussel sprouts, pork sausage, bacon, bread sauce, cranberry sauce and gravy.
Total calories: 956

Christmas pudding and brandy butter
Total calories: 423

Two mince pies with cream and a share of the chocolate box
Total calories: 900
I found this site where you can caluculate your christmas calories here
Its not the time of year to be super strict on yourself enjoy the day but try to move the focus from food to the company your with.

Here are some of my tips for making your holidays healthier
  • eat the protiens on your plate first, they will fill you up and make you less tempted to reach for excessive carbs.
  • make sure your plate includes colour! by colour i mean all sorts of fruit and vegetables...
  • opt for water as often as possible.
  • exercise is non must be done! if you have to wake up 30mins it! would you rather the other option? include the family, perhaps go for a walk after christmas lunch
  • have a plan.. have an idea of what your likely to eat and set yourself a limit..your not going to enjoy yourself if your more stuffed than the turkey
  • shift the focus from food, christmas is about being around family and friends
  • be kind to yourself, christmas is not the time to start a new diet, eat sensibly and workout accordingly.

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