Sunday, December 5, 2010

mission complete!

today was the big day that i ran my fourth and final 10km race of the year.. the sussans womens classic... the goal was to finish in under an hour and ...i did...just but i did it! Not quite sure of the offical time yet but it was 59mins when i crossed the finish line... :) not a huge improvement from last time 1.03 but considering i couldnt even run 4kms in june this owning it as a success


We left home at 6.20am, i had woken  at 5.30 to eat the usal breakfast of oats and blueberries, Lucky we left early because finding parking took forever and by the time we got there it was 7.20 and the race started at 7.30! Not to mention i needed to pee so bad and the lines for the 6 toliets was longer than you could imagine...really race organisers?! 6 toliets for 5000 women? I decided that this was no time to be graceful and me and a few competitors found a tree to hide behind...not my proudest moment! but i made it to my corral 20 seconds before the race started and was able to start in time. There was even time for a quick pre race pic
I felt good throughout the was mostly flat. except for one gradual incline...this was definately the best race i have run i was enjoying it.. able to keep my pace and finish strong..

i achieved my goal i set myself for this year...there are no more races i have planned till the run for the kids next march (14km...eeek!) then some serious half marathon training to happen so i can smash that too....why not?!

readers question when was the last time you challenged yourself and were suprised by the results? what lessons has this taught you?

take care..see all of you lovely people tomz  :)

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