Monday, December 6, 2010

My hangover secret cure

Good morning :)
last night was full of celebratory drinks becuase i reached my goal in running the 10km in under an hour :)
see race re-cap here. To be completely honest with you, whether or not i reached the goal i probably would have gone out anyway.. i just needed to go dancing you know what i mean?!
Anyway...there would be pictures...if i hadnt have lost my camera (praying that my friend catherine has it, im about 80% sure she does)
So needless to say i woke up this morning feeling less than over the moon about anything as my head was hurting like ...(something awful)..
Whats the cure? well i wanted a green juice but the thought of getting the blender out and making a mess and being loud was just too much effort for the state i was in..
so what saved me?  vegemite on toast
its a classic...and it hit the spot..oh and this one may bave helped too..

i did drink alot of water but i started sipping on the coconut water i had in the fridge ...lifesaver!
for me..a hangover is mostly dehyration and coconut water is a perfect hyrdator!
coconut water is high in potassium which is an essential electrolyte often lost when dehydrated...
keep posted for a review the health benefits of coconut water..ok im off to recover, have a beast of a salad for lunch to re gain some sort of feeling of health then get ready for my netball grandfinal tonight..wish me luck!

Readers question what hangover cures do you swear by?

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  1. Hi There!! Sounds like a rough but fun night! I hope you find your camera!

    I LOVE coconut water! I haven't tried to for post drinking, but I will now! I usually have a Green monster to tackle off any yucky feelings in the morning. Also, in college, our trick was taking Pecid AC before drinking. That works I hear. I never tried. Have a better day!