Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I bought me some protein

hello all, how was your day? mine was ok
its getting really warm here, not sunny lovely warm, warm muggly cloudy and rainy...its really gross. anyway its way to warm for oats so i rolled with some jalna, chia and blueberries..
it was delish :) oh notice the christmas table cloth...i love festive decor..(yes i sound like im 30 years older than i am...no i dont mind one bit)

read a few blogs then popped over to the gym to do a bit of a workout before work..
20mins cross trainer and 20mins strength
on the way home i stopped at the shops to grab some protien and some spinach for lunch...
usally i just buy the juice box size... but i thought it would be easier and cheaper just to buy it in bulk.

its the best one i have tried..so im sticking with it! it tastes not so odd actually pretty good and its especially designed for women which means its low carb and low in calories. It contains whey protien which supports immune function and has anti oxident properties. It also contains extra Calcium which plays an essential role in growth, muscle contraction and transmission of nerve impulses. Not mention aid in recovery.
i dont intend to take it every day, i take it when i do four hour shifts at work, where we are not allowed to have a break but i get so hungry (i have to eat every three hours my body works best if i eat light meals often) so i run out the back to the tea room and down a shake, which leaves me feeling good and not reaching for anything edible in sight (which usally consists of lollies and leads me to over eat carbs).

oh and you can prob  tell but i did find my camera as there are pictures on my blog. WHAT?! have no idea what im talking about? better click here

messy night...jess and i are quite 'happy' im sure you can tell..

So tonight after work i wanted to run...i had the best intentions to run, my mind was in gear but my body was not.. i would have run about 4km and walked about 2...my legs kept cramping and my ankles are so sore..im definately no skinny runner. you must check out this girls blog she is crazy inspiring do marathons left rght and and center....however as i mention i am no skinny runner, she has been running for years and her body is finely tuned to it...baby steps i guess...i just had to reveal my blogger/runner/girl crush and major inspiration to you all..

so im off to rubsome elmore oil into my stupid annoying  muscles and take a hot yoga class tomz..
i think i really need some yoga maybe it will help the sore throat im coming down with too..im gonna gargle some salt water...

readers question.. what do you take/do to help or prevent a sore throat? help a girl out....

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  1. Protein shakes are always good. Great work on that.
    I try to always take an inflamatoric medicine which helps tremendously with sore throat.