Sunday, December 12, 2010

'New workout gear.. yo'

Hey are we all doing? Ive been naughty..yes ive been christmas shopping...and ended up buying presents for myself..ooops
why is it a lot easier to buy presents for yourself than other people?!

Anyway it was workout gear so you cant feel bad about an investment in your health right?! AND IT WAS ON SALE...

Im obsessed with dry fit fabric tops especially for summer they are light weight and easy to run in..
 i loved the colour and fabric of this top:)
 i was drawn to the cut of this top but on second thoughts im not sure how it will go with a sports bra underneth..meh its mine now and will wear it anyway..
 since my last race im convinced im supposed to run in thighs chaffed (its alittle embarassing) however my bra did too...i have worn the same one in every race so maybe the humitidity caused me to sweat more which caused the rubbing..anyway more of a reason to buy these babies...oh and they are pink ;)
 and have cute zips which allows ventilation and a cute look if i may say so !

So forgive me credit card for i have sinned... however for $42 i aint bank rupt =win!

readers question when it comes to shopping and sales what cant you resist?

1 comment:

  1. $42?!! Score!
    I just bought 3 shorts and 2 tops for gym = $25! ... They maaaaay or may not have been from Supre, but hey! They get the job done and the fabric is, surprisingly enough, good quality and super comfy.